Zanthian Empire

The Zanthian Empire is the most powerful human nation in the world. It was founded several centuries ago by Zanthulor after Zanthulor became a god and the god-emperor conquered an expansive kingdom on the Eastern Continent. When the empire became large enough that it would have been dangerous to expand any further, Zanthulor sailed across the sea and spread his empire to the Western Continent.

On the Western Continent, the empire met resistance from “beast men.” Zanthulor declared them to be fallen humans, corrupted by Dark Powers. He called for their extermination and the destruction of anything that related to the worship of the Dark Powers. Several wars were waged and the empire spread in the west. The empire seemed like it would be victorious.

Then, quite suddenly, Zanthulor and his companions disappeared. No one ever saw them again. The Zanthians say they ascended and had assumed their rightful place in the heavens. Others say they were defeated by The Old Gods.

Regardless, without the god-emperor leading them to victory, West Zanthia was left in chaos and disarray. An incompetent line of rulers led the once great western arm of the empire reduced to a few small holdings and little defense.

Queen Isolde, the current queen of West Zanthia, turned that around. She was loved by the people, she had a keen mind for strategy, and she chose wise and loyal advisers. Under her rule, West Zanthia grew in power exponentially. She was able to expand the borders beyond the size Zanthulor was able to seize.

Recently, Isolde broke the chain of sovereignty and declared herself to be the absolute ruler of West Zanthia. Previously, all decisions made by the king or queen of West Zanthia had to be approved by the emperor.

Now, the Zanthian Empire operates as two separate, allied political bodies. The emperor rules East Zanthia and the queen rules West Zanthia.

Zanthian Empire

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