Trees of Prophecy

Meeting A-1 (Apocrypha)

A New Prophecy (Apocrypha)

Our story resumes in Il’ Mendrash.

It resumes in The Snarling Gnome, where Kisa, the Shadow Cat is searching for a man of song, Jax. She is telling her tale to those who will listen and drinking her share of ale. She waits for Jax to arrive, but he will not arrive on this day.

It resumes in a manor, where Maldora Fatebearer is admiring The Fatebearer, a weapon of great and terrible power. The Fatebearer is somehow linked to her father and speaks to her on occasion, but not on this day.

It resumes near a farm, where Rataxas Ko is inspiring the proletariat to rise up against their oppressors, so sieze freedom for themselves. His words are compelling, but the village elders will not start their rebellion on this day.

It resumes in an alley, where Ishtara has found a rare specimen of mushroom that, when cooked and eaten, will grant visions of the spirit realm and of the stars. But this mushroom shall not be eaten on this day.

For on this bright, clear day, a man of magic creates a sickly cloud above the city and the cloud spews forth caustic vapors. Panic ensues, screaming ensues, prayer ensues, prophecy ensues. Upon beholding the prophecy’s fulfillment, Gias Marcallas, high priest of Acna, sends those loyal to him to the foretold locations in order to retrieve The Oracle’s chosen.

With the land and its people overcome by prophecy, Jax is not met, The Fatebearer is not heard, rebellion is not started, and visions are not seen. The chosen ones are brought to the temple of Acna at the heart of Il’ Mendrash.

When they arrive, Gias Marcallas is finishing a prayer to Acna, asking for guidance. Celthalion is at his side, head bowed in reverence. Apparenlty overrun by excitement, the prayer is unfocused, random, focused on cheese and its makers… He finishes the prayer and descends the steps to greet those who now stand before him.

Gias Marcallas greets the chosen and they greet him. Gias explains that they were brought here because he had seen the caustic rain. Kisa and Rataxes Ko quickly spew alibis, clearing themselves of suspicion. Gias, vaguely confused, informs them that they have been brought here to fulfill a great prophecy, uttered by The Oracle not two weeks prior.

The chosen ones ask to hear the prophecy.

Gias says that he does not wish to bore the chosen ones with the particulars.

The chosen ones ask to hear the prophecy again, saying that they will need it for guidance if they are to fulfill it.

Gias declines a second time.

The chosen ones ask a third time.

Gias swallows hard and begins reading from the scroll:

“Khajiit learning songs a long way from home she shall ye find in The Snarling Gnome

Two fiends shall ye need, the first bears three heads She shall be disguised as who she wants dead

Second fiend raised by Dark Necromancy Zumani, bound in the body of Clancy

Waterborn daughter of Great Serpent Psil She shall be scheming where blood has been spilled

Dragonspawn rebel searching for power stands at the base of great, unbuilt tower

When caustic signs from the heavens ye see, these mortals ye’ll need to set Old Gods free…”

He looks up from the scroll, makes a holy gesture, and his eyes meet the scornful gaze of Rataxes Ko. Ko ridicules the prophecy, pointing out that it said there should be a fifth “chosen one,” that his name is not and never was “Clancy” and that the very prophecy was an imperialist construct designed to oppress the people.

Gias was taken aback.

Rataxes Ko and Kisa began debating about the nature of free will and the empowerment of the masses.

Maldora Fatebearer punched Gias and berated him for the charade and for bringing her here under bizarre pretenses.

Ishtara stepped back a bit, out of the arguing, and rolled up some herbs into a small tube.

While the chosen ones were arguing, Gias gave a beautiful speech about the self-fulfilling nature of prophecy and tried to convince the chosen ones that they would fulfill the prophecy whether they wanted to or not. Everyone seemed pretty convinced by his speech… Except for Rataxes Ko.

Ko went on a diatribe about the nature of the gods, their oppressiveness, the need for the people to rise up against the gods, and many other things.

Gias stepped back behind Celthalion.

The chosen ones debated whether to free the The Old Gods or keep them chained and many other philosophical questions. Eventually, they arrived at a new determination: All the Gods Must Be Destroyed!

Gias made an utterance about unforgivable blasphemy and vacated the area with Celthalion and Corporal Scale.

The chosen ones started strategizing and when they needed information, they asked The Erosopher (a library demon who both likes and like-likes knowledge) about various details concerning the Altars of the Old Gods.

And then Fluffy came to tell Maldora that Xander Drake Aelarin had returned, with a man of magic and some warriors.

And then they heard screams coming from the Manor of Fate.

And so the chosen ones ran to the manor and found Xander, standing near a wizard, who was standing near The Fatebearer, preparing to destroy it.

Kisa flashed the wizard and offered some sexual excitement if he wanted it, but the wizard was unphased.

Maldora tried to enthrall the wizard, but the wizard was unphased.

And so events became grave and a fight ensued.

Xander sliced and slashed to defend the wizard.

The wizard chanted and waved to destroy The Fatebearer.

The mercenaries stabbed and poked to defeat the newcomers.

Ishtara lit up and got high, admiring the fight from behind small puffs of smoke.

Rataxes Ko convinced the mercenaries that they should join the Peoples’ Revolution and they took up his banner.

Kisa convinced the wizard to accept a large sum of money and go away.

Maldora convinced Xander that she had repented and reformed. She convinced him that she would turn The Fatebearer into a Weapon of Good… And candycanes.

And so Xander Drake Aelarin and his wizardly companion were sent on their ways… The mercenaries became the revolutioaries and found some pitchforks and torches, which were more appropriate for their idioms.

Having scoffed at a prophecy and dedicated themselves to a hopeless war against the very beings that created the world, the chosen ones celebrated with a night of alcohol, stories, and debate at The Snarling Gnome.



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